Dealing with an Arrest and the subsequent Bail Bonds can be a highly challenging experience for everyone involved. If someone in your family is charged with a crime, Huggins Bail Bonds can help –  and there are also ways to help them avoid time in jail. So if your loved one is under Arrest, read on to support them through this difficult time:


Appoint A Legal Counsel


Getting access to the best legal support you can is a critical first step. If you have a trusted family attorney, place a call to them before doing anything else, or find out who the court-appointed legal counsel will be. Getting an attorney on board as early as possible and taking their instruction is vital for the best outcome.


Understand The Arraignment


The legal arraignment will give you a clear outline as to what crimes are being charged against you or your loved one. This lets you and your attorney know what you’re facing and decide on the best course of action. You may be able to get your loved one out of jail at this point, or sometimes be required to stay there until the arraignment is over.


Posting Bail


This gives you a chance to leave jail by posting the security of a set amount of money. The money is treated like a deposit to guarantee that you or your loved one will show up in court. Not everyone has access to the funds needed to post bail, which is where Huggins Bail Bonds can help. We’ll help you post the money needed to secure a release pre-trial.


The Process of Settlement


With your Bail Bonds in place, fairly often, depending on the crime committed, you may find that proceedings don’t make it to court. Law enforcement may be prepared to offer a settlement, and this is a good way for you to avoid the expense and stress of a full criminal trial. You and your attorney can support your loved one during this time to negotiate a deal for a lower penalty,and this can help them to avoid time in jail.




You will need to consider the circumstances that led to the crime, and how you can best support yourself or your loved one to avoid those occurring again. Find a positive goal to focus on and work on how better choices can be made in the future.

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