If you get arrested, then Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds can help you post bail and get out of a cell as soon as possible. After that, you should be free until your hearing. There are, however, some basic mistakes you can make which can see your bail revoked and you sent back to jail.


Consume alcohol


There’s a strong chance that your bail agreement will prohibit you from drinking alcohol. Even if it doesn’t, alcohol can lead you to bad decisions. Bad decisions were what got you arrested in the first place.


Consume recreational cannabis


Only consume cannabis if you have a valid prescription for it. Even then, be very careful about when and how you use it. Like alcohol, it can impair your judgment. Obviously, stay away from illegal drugs. That will include cannabis in some states.


Visit unsuitable people


Your bail agreement may ban you from visiting, or even making contact with, certain people. If it does, comply with the ban. Forget about switching cell numbers or email addresses or creating new social media profiles. These tricks can all be found out fairly easily.  


Even if you do get away with them, there’s a reason why you were banned from visiting these people. That reason might well be because the authorities think that visiting them will make it more likely that you will get into trouble. They may well be right.


Resign from your job


If you’re tempted to resign to avoid being fired, don’t. Firstly, you might not be fired even if you’re found guilty. Secondly, you don’t want to give the court, or your co-signer, the idea that you’re going to run.


Ignore your co-signer


If your bail agreement requires a co-signer then you need to keep that co-signer happy that you’re complying with your bail agreement. If you don’t, then they may revoke their signature and you’ll end up back in jail.


In short, when you’re on bail, stay within the law, stay within the terms of your bail agreement, and generally stay sensible. If you need to know anything about bail, or if you need to talk about a bail bond, please contact us at Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds.

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