Skipping bail is a serious offense and not something that you should do lightly or without a proper awareness of what you are doing. If you are struggling to find bail bonds in Miami, there are still other options available, so you should hopefully never feel as though skipping bail is your only option. Let’s look at what some of the consequences of this could be.

Skipping Bail Consequences

If you fail to show up to court when you need to, you might experience any combination of the following consequences:


  • A warrant might be issued for your arrest. If you are pulled over for any other reason, your local police will arrest you.
  • Your driver’s license might be suspended until you appear in court.
  • You might be made ineligible for future bail attempts, meaning you can’t ever be bailed out again.
  • You will be charged with more offenses related to skipping bail, which could result in more time in jail or other punishments.
  • Your bond amount might increase.


Any of those would be serious enough to warrant not doing this. There are also potential consequences for other people, such as a family member or friend having to pay the full amount for the bond. That could lead to serious financial problems for them, and interpersonal trouble between the two of you.


If you need help with bail bonds in Miami, get in touch with Huggins 24 Hour Bails Bonds as soon as possible. We will be more than happy to help.

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