What Are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are the insurance policy of a bail bond company. However, bail bonds guarantee that someone getting a bond will appear on their court date. If the arrested individual misses their court appearance, they must contact their bail bonds company to reinstate their bail bond.

What Can Bail Bondsman Accept for Collateral:



Bondsmen typically accept the property title of a home as collateral for those who want to secure their bond. However, the house provided cannot be under a mortgage to qualify.


Vehicles count as a great option for collateral: this is not limited to cars.


Hand the title deed of the land or its pink slip to the court or bail bonds agency. Let them hang onto it until they see you show up for your court date.


Jewelry, antiques, electronics, and other collectibles are all of value to surrender to a court. Or you can also use your bank account as collateral, but the money inside of it will be unavailable to withdraw until you or your loved one reaches the court date.

Getting A Bail Bond

If you’re thinking of hiring a bondsman, you’re in luck. There are numerous bail bondsmen with around-the-clock services. For example, both Dallas Bail Bonds and Huggins 24-Hour Bail Bonds offer the services to keep your loved one out of jail and on bail through the entire court proceedings.


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If you are a loved one who has been put in jail, there are several options you have at your disposal for getting them or yourself out of jail. One of them is the type of Bail Bonds in Miami, and it’s usually the most practical. Here are some things you ought to know. Bail Bonds in Miami have a fee rate of about 10% although some might go to 15%. Bail Bonds in Miami are simpler than you might think, let’s take a look and see why.


Fee Rates


When you or someone you know is arrested they will go to jail and then a bail hearing, whereby the local judge will set the amount. Unless you pay this bail, you will not be released. When you are going to use a bail bond to get out, you’re essentially taking out a small loan. As you would expect the loan comes with its own fee. Bail Bonds in Miami have their fee rates, ranging from 10-15%.


Using Collateral


You can pay for bail bonds with cash, however, it is also possible to pay with physical assets as collateral. This may include, bonds, bank accounts, stocks, and real estate. Never put up something that you don’t want to lose, but these are some of your other options.


State Regulations


The state regulates bail bonds so anyone who is offering you a bail bond is regulated and licensed by the state of Florida. The fee is set by local statutes and not independent bail bond offices.


Financial Responsibility


Remember that you are agreeing to financial responsibility. So if you are paying for the bail bond but the person you are paying for, doesn’t show up to court, you may have wasted your money. It’s on you, so make sure you can trust them.


Feel free to ask us any further questions, we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you about your needs. 

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