Corona Virus Takes A Bite Out Of CrimeThe repercussions of coronavirus on society as a whole have been disastrous, to say the least, however, there might just be a saving grace amongst the chaos. A massive drop in crime has flowered, partly down to the fact that lockdown orders have encouraged a lot of people to spend more time at home. Police officers state that they are receiving far fewer calls than they were at the same time last year, as well as a reduction in physical confrontations too. Even the crime-riddled city streets of New York reported a steady 25% decrease in crime, with just 1 murder case compared to 8 in the previous week. 


Unfortunately, though street related incidents have reduced in number, the stay-at-home rules are likely to have encouraged an increase in domestic and child abuse cases. Longer terms of confinement can lead to aggression, and being trapped inside your home with an abuser can give ample opportunity for distressing events to take place. 


Heading to jail or prison is not an enjoyable experience at any time, but the situation during a global health pandemic can make the environment even less bearable. Being in a small space with several others who have minimal access to hygiene products and PPE can put you at a much greater risk of catching the virus. In such uncertain times, Huggins Bail Bonds is here to help – if you or your loved one finds themselves in hot water, let us assist you in getting out safely, as fast as possible.

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