If you know of someone who has been arrested, you may want to know what their rights are. The bottom line is, that they will not legally be able to have their rights stripped. You do have the right to use a bail bondsman in order to free someone from jail but there are restrictions and limitations that you should be aware of, if you are in this situation. 

Inmates are always given First Amendment rights, which do not affect their status as an inmate. These rights will protect them, as an inmate, against inhumane treatment. This could include physical abuse. They also do have the right to not be subject to any type of discrimination, whether that be regarding race or religion.

They also possess the right not to be harassed whilst serving their time in jail. They have rights to medical care, should they take ill or be injured. They have rights to the appropriate mental health care also, which may or may not relate to the reason they are in jail. If they are assessed and need to be moved to a mental health facility, they have the right to a hearing if necessary.

They may also complain about the circumstances or conditions during their stay. 

There are additional rights also dependent on the inmate’s circumstances and health, such as a disability. They are allowed their wheelchair and access to programs within the prison. Knowing these rights are vital and knowing their allowances could help everyone in the situation. 

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