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If you are arrested, and you are fortunate enough to be able to afford the bail, you should just pay it, right? Well, not necessarily. There are three reasons why a bail bond may be the best option, even if you can pay, they are:

– To free up your funds

– To get a public defender

– Less chance or forfeiture

First, ask yourself if bail is really what you want to spend your hard-earned savings on? Using a bail bond for at least part of your bail payment means that you get to keep your own money for other things that you may need. If you’ve got a court date coming up, you might, for example, want to set some of your cash aside for your spouse or children. 

Secondly, you might want to use a public defender instead of shelling out on an expensive private lawyer. Public defenders are free, but they are often only appointed to clients who cannot afford a private lawyer. If you pay your own bail, the court may decide that you don’t need the help of a free, public defender. 

Finally, if you break your bail conditions, there’s a total forfeiture of the cash paid. And, even with the best of intentions, you may sometimes break the terms through no fault of your own. 

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