If you or a loved one has been arrested, it can be a difficult and stressful time. Whatever the reason behind your incarceration, you no doubt want to get out of jail as soon as possible. And that’s where a bail bond service comes in. You might have a long time to wait until your court date, so you want to spend this time comfortably at home, rather than sitting in a jail cell. And in order to manage this, you will need to pay the bail amount.


Using a bail bond company can help you make this challenging situation a little easier.

Fast turnaround

If you are trying to pay the bail yourself, it can take a long time to pull all the necessary funds together. But a bail bond company can post bail right away, meaning you can get out of jail as soon as the paperwork is completed.

Easier payment

Paying off your bail can be difficult, but a bail bond company will help you out in this regard. They will offer you a flexible payment plan with regular instalments that suit your financial circumstances.

Communication and advice

When you’re in jail, you can contact your bail bond company for advice and they will even accept collect calls. They will be there for you at every step of the process to provide support and guidance on attorneys, the legal process, and anything else you might need.

Don’t let your mistake ruin your life. Get in touch with Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds to find out more.

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Although it may be very tempting, you are out and free, but being on bail comes with certain restrictions. If you break your bail conditions, such as not showing up at court for your scheduled appointment, there can be some severe consequences that can affect everyone involved:


What is Bail for?


You have been charged with a crime and jailed for it. Bail is a sum of money that someone who cares for you pays to keep you out of jail until the time of your scheduled court case. A percentage of the bail bond is generally paid to a bail bond agent, who then pays the rest of the sum based on the condition that you will turn up to court.


What Happens if I Skip Bail


If you skip bail you have not attended a court date. The following are potential consequences:

  • A warrant will be issued to arrest you.
  • They may suspend your driver’s license.
  • You may be charged with more offenses, such as contempt of court, which can result in fines and more jail time.
  • You won’t be eligible for bail in the future. 
  • The bond amount you paid will probably increase. 
  • The person who paid your bond may have to pay the full amount of the bond. They may even lose a car or home as collateral if they cannot pay the bond amount. 
  • The bail bond agent needs to find you and bring you into court in an allotted time.


Skipping bail has severe consequences for all involved, so for everyone’s sake, show up to court.

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Are you looking for bail bonds? If so, it’s likely you would have heard of the term bail forfeiture. Not everyone is accustomed to terms like this one unless they’re in the industry, and understanding bail forfeiture is important – but what is it exactly?


What is bail forfeiture?


Bail forfeiture is where bail is released to the court without the chance for future repayments. This is where bail money won’t be seen again, and bail can be released either voluntarily or involuntarily depending on the situation. Bail forfeiture is possible in either of these scenarios. Voluntary bail forfeiture is when the defendant voluntarily releases the bail that they paid. Usually, this is done to cover the court costs, legal fees and fines. Bail forfeiture can only cover these costs, not for repaying a victim. When it comes to involuntary bail forfeiture, this is when a person is not appearing in court post custody release.



There are offenses that are bail forfeitable, and here is where you can use the bail forfeiture to acquire a closed case and release from custody. If the case is contested and won, the defendant can get their money back. If they don’t appear in court, the bail money goes to the court.


What happens if a bail amount cannot be paid?


The best thing you can do here is work closely with a bail bondsman. They will offer you the assistance that you need and help you to get the bail money. It’s important to work with professionals in this situation so that you get the best possible support. 


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If you’re charged with a crime, you’ll be required to attend either a trial or a sentencing hearing, depending on how you plead. However, these court dates can take place weeks or months following an arrest. During this time, you’ll either be freed on bail or remanded in jail. 


Fortunately, the vast majority of people are granted bail, but this does mean you’ll need to find the funds you need to post bail. At Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds, we offer a range of services to help people post bail and regain their freedom while they’re awaiting future court dates.


Are You Eligible for Bail?

Although most people are eligible for bail following a criminal charge, there are instances in which refusal to allow bail means you’ll be incarcerated until you next attend court. Typically, refusal to allow bail occurs for two reasons: you’re deemed a risk to the public or the judge believes you’re likely to ‘skip bail’ and not show up for your future court dates. 


If you’ve been accused of committing a very violent crime, for example, a judge may decide that you’re a threat to public safety, which can result in a refusal to allow bail. Alternatively, if you have skipped bail in the past or you have the means to evade justice, this could also be a reason for a judge to refuse bail. 


Posting Bail with Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds

Although judges can refuse to grant bail, they can also increase the amount that bail is set at in an attempt to discourage the individual from fleeing or committing further offenses. By using a bail bond to secure your freedom, you can avoid being incarcerated until you’re upcoming hearing. 


To learn more or to arrange bail today, contact Huggins 24 Bail Bonds now.



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One of the most unpleasant aspects of being detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department as someone who is not a legal citizen of the United States is not knowing what to expect. Some non-citizens dread being deported back to their home country, while others fear being detained in prison or a detention centre permanently. 


Fortunately, the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees certain rights to all people, regardless of their citizenship status. This implies that there are laws governing how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), police personnel, and courts handle non-citizen arrests and detentions. As a result, most non-citizens in immigration detention have the right to have their case heard before an immigration court before a final removal order (or deportation) is issued.


Following an initial arrest, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will determine whether the immigrant should be imprisoned in a contracted prison or an ICE detention centre. Immigration agents may decide that a non-citizen does not need to be detained in particular instances. Instead, they will need them to report to the office on a regular basis and may employ an ankle monitor to track their movements. 


If the non-citizen is detained, ICE will decide whether or not to pursue legal action against them in an attempt to deport them. If a non-citizen fears for their safety if they return to their home country, this should be brought up as soon as feasible. These people might be eligible for asylum.


How you can get help

Being placed on immigration hold is a stressful ordeal but thankfully Huggins 24 hour Bail Bonds is here to help resolve your problems. We offer a 24 7 immigration bail bond service in Miami Dade County and Palm Beach county and strive to get you off immigration hold as soon as possible. Call us today on 786-970-2525, 786-565-9241.

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For those with a loved one in jail and seeking help bailing them out, you will likely be looking for a reputable bail bonds service. These can help you and your loved one prepare for the case and improve the outcome of the court hearing. Here are some tips for how for finding reputable bail bonds services. 


Check reviews

Reviews will be the most trustworthy way of finding a reputable and excellent bail bonds service. There are multiple platforms to do so from Facebook to Yelp. You should never use a bail bonds service before knowing that they are reputable. It could hinder your outcome and waste your money. A review will give you a good indication of how other people’s experiences went, which will give you peace of mind that they are a reputable bail bonds service. 


Ask for the total amount

A reputable bail bonds service will cover the bail amount that is needed to release your loved one. Before committing to the service, ensure to ask the total amount which they can provide. 


Ensure they are good at communicating

Before hiring the company, you will want to make sure that they are good at communication and tell you everything that is involved. You may require help understanding how to get through the process. A reputable bail bonds service will lay it out to you before proceeding with the bail and help with the court case.


For more information about Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds and our services, you contact us.

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When someone is arrested for a criminal offense, they will be processed and their case will be weighted and reviewed. This will ultimately determine if the option of bail is provided, which will allow the individual to be released from jail until their court hearing. Many families use bail bonds to help expedite this process and ensure the finances are provided properly and quickly.

There are a few reasons why bail can be denied. Below, we list four of them:


  • The Individual Is A Flight Risk


If the courts have justifiable reason to believe you may flee the country, town or state, then they know the chances of you attending your court date are slim. In order to prevent this eventuality from taking place (often indicated by erratic behavior or certain classifications, such as being a non-US citizen), then bail can be denied.


  • The Individual Is Involved In A Severe Crime


Severe crimes (including rape, murder, manslaughter etc), will be treated with the utmost gravity, with the suspect being kept in jail until either convicted or cleared by a jury of their peers. Bail cannot be upheld in these circumstances.


  • The Individuals Is Deemed A Threat


If deemed a threat, or showing threatening behavior, or potentially a risk to themselves or others, then bail will be denied so that the authorities can keep watch over the individual in question. This could also result in the individual in question being held in a psychiatric facility until further notice.


  • The Individual Is Involved In Repeat Offenses


A pattern of criminal behavior will generally result in bail being denied, particularly if an individual has been convicted before. In other to protect the welfare of society, they will be held and denied bail until further notice.

In order to ensure bail opportunities are taken, it’s best to have a reliable bail bond service at your back. This can help an individual gain bail when necessary, but only if approved.

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What are Federal Bail Bonds?

Federal bail bonds are typically utilized when you have been committed for a federal offence and are required to make a payment in order to leave the facility. Depending on the severity of the crime, will determine how much you need to pay towards the Federal bail bond system. The judge in charge of the court case will be responsible for deciding how much to pay. 

Once you or a relative find yourself in this situation it is important to acquire the services of a professional bail bondsmen so they can assist you. 

Why Do I Need the Services of a Bail bondsmen? 

Completing all the necessary paperwork for court is a lengthy process and requires you to fill out all the correct information. If this does not happen it can delay the process for quite a considerable time. 

  • They can ensure you have completed a CR-04 form/Affidavit of Surety.
  • They can assist with providing a property appraisal if you need to provide one for financial reassurance. 
  • They can prepare you for your Nebbia Hearing whereby you need to prove that you are financially responsible for your bail conditions and the assets required were done so in a legal manner. 

With the expertise of a Bail Bond Agent you know that they will be able to deal with any issues accordingly, and in a professional and timely manner. 

The sooner you get in contact, the better.

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Bail is a financial guarantee that a defendant will appear in court for their trial without the need to keep them in jail in the meantime. Following your arrest, you will be required to attend a bail hearing, at which a judge will set your bail amount. If you are unable to afford the full amount of bail – which is usually a significant amount – you will still be released via surety bond. However, sometimes things don’t work out as you hope and you find you have bail denied. If this happens to you, don’t worry – there may be things that you can do to avoid jail while you wait for your trial.


Why was your bail denied?


There is a multitude of factors that may have lead to the decision to grant or deny bail. It could be something as simple as your social status, gender, or employment background. If you have a history of failing to turn up for court appearances when you were granted bail in the past, or you were arrested in a different state, this may lead to your bail denied. The crime for which you have been arrested may have been too violent or too serious for bail to be awarded, and any past criminal history will be taken into account too.


Talk to your attorney 


If your bail is denied, the first thing you should do is find an attorney. There are only a few conditions in which a judge can refuse bail, so it’s important to make sure these conditions are met in your case. Your attorney will advise you on how to better appeal the bail denial,  such as by presenting evidence that contradicts the threat to the community or by seeking leniency if you were arrested while out of state or if you have a history of explainable court absences.


If you have been criminally charged but are unable to afford your bail, there are some bail bond options available to assist you in arranging your release. Although your bail bond payment is non-refundable, cash and surety bonds enable you to pay a fraction of the overall bail figure rather than stay in jail until you are due to stand trial.

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What Are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are the insurance policy of a bail bond company. However, bail bonds guarantee that someone getting a bond will appear on their court date. If the arrested individual misses their court appearance, they must contact their bail bonds company to reinstate their bail bond.

What Can Bail Bondsman Accept for Collateral:



Bondsmen typically accept the property title of a home as collateral for those who want to secure their bond. However, the house provided cannot be under a mortgage to qualify.


Vehicles count as a great option for collateral: this is not limited to cars.


Hand the title deed of the land or its pink slip to the court or bail bonds agency. Let them hang onto it until they see you show up for your court date.


Jewelry, antiques, electronics, and other collectibles are all of value to surrender to a court. Or you can also use your bank account as collateral, but the money inside of it will be unavailable to withdraw until you or your loved one reaches the court date.

Getting A Bail Bond

If you’re thinking of hiring a bondsman, you’re in luck. There are numerous bail bondsmen with around-the-clock services. For example, both Dallas Bail Bonds and Huggins 24-Hour Bail Bonds offer the services to keep your loved one out of jail and on bail through the entire court proceedings.


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