Skipping bail is a serious offense and not something that you should do lightly or without a proper awareness of what you are doing. If you are struggling to find bail bonds in Miami, there are still other options available, so you should hopefully never feel as though skipping bail is your only option. Let’s look at what some of the consequences of this could be.

Skipping Bail Consequences

If you fail to show up to court when you need to, you might experience any combination of the following consequences:


  • A warrant might be issued for your arrest. If you are pulled over for any other reason, your local police will arrest you.
  • Your driver’s license might be suspended until you appear in court.
  • You might be made ineligible for future bail attempts, meaning you can’t ever be bailed out again.
  • You will be charged with more offenses related to skipping bail, which could result in more time in jail or other punishments.
  • Your bond amount might increase.


Any of those would be serious enough to warrant not doing this. There are also potential consequences for other people, such as a family member or friend having to pay the full amount for the bond. That could lead to serious financial problems for them, and interpersonal trouble between the two of you.


If you need help with bail bonds in Miami, get in touch with Huggins 24 Hour Bails Bonds as soon as possible. We will be more than happy to help.

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If you get arrested, then Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds can help you post bail and get out of a cell as soon as possible. After that, you should be free until your hearing. There are, however, some basic mistakes you can make which can see your bail revoked and you sent back to jail.


Consume alcohol


There’s a strong chance that your bail agreement will prohibit you from drinking alcohol. Even if it doesn’t, alcohol can lead you to bad decisions. Bad decisions were what got you arrested in the first place.


Consume recreational cannabis


Only consume cannabis if you have a valid prescription for it. Even then, be very careful about when and how you use it. Like alcohol, it can impair your judgment. Obviously, stay away from illegal drugs. That will include cannabis in some states.


Visit unsuitable people


Your bail agreement may ban you from visiting, or even making contact with, certain people. If it does, comply with the ban. Forget about switching cell numbers or email addresses or creating new social media profiles. These tricks can all be found out fairly easily.  


Even if you do get away with them, there’s a reason why you were banned from visiting these people. That reason might well be because the authorities think that visiting them will make it more likely that you will get into trouble. They may well be right.


Resign from your job


If you’re tempted to resign to avoid being fired, don’t. Firstly, you might not be fired even if you’re found guilty. Secondly, you don’t want to give the court, or your co-signer, the idea that you’re going to run.


Ignore your co-signer


If your bail agreement requires a co-signer then you need to keep that co-signer happy that you’re complying with your bail agreement. If you don’t, then they may revoke their signature and you’ll end up back in jail.


In short, when you’re on bail, stay within the law, stay within the terms of your bail agreement, and generally stay sensible. If you need to know anything about bail, or if you need to talk about a bail bond, please contact us at Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds.

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Dealing with an Arrest and the subsequent Bail Bonds can be a highly challenging experience for everyone involved. If someone in your family is charged with a crime, Huggins Bail Bonds can help –  and there are also ways to help them avoid time in jail. So if your loved one is under Arrest, read on to support them through this difficult time:


Appoint A Legal Counsel


Getting access to the best legal support you can is a critical first step. If you have a trusted family attorney, place a call to them before doing anything else, or find out who the court-appointed legal counsel will be. Getting an attorney on board as early as possible and taking their instruction is vital for the best outcome.


Understand The Arraignment


The legal arraignment will give you a clear outline as to what crimes are being charged against you or your loved one. This lets you and your attorney know what you’re facing and decide on the best course of action. You may be able to get your loved one out of jail at this point, or sometimes be required to stay there until the arraignment is over.


Posting Bail


This gives you a chance to leave jail by posting the security of a set amount of money. The money is treated like a deposit to guarantee that you or your loved one will show up in court. Not everyone has access to the funds needed to post bail, which is where Huggins Bail Bonds can help. We’ll help you post the money needed to secure a release pre-trial.


The Process of Settlement


With your Bail Bonds in place, fairly often, depending on the crime committed, you may find that proceedings don’t make it to court. Law enforcement may be prepared to offer a settlement, and this is a good way for you to avoid the expense and stress of a full criminal trial. You and your attorney can support your loved one during this time to negotiate a deal for a lower penalty,and this can help them to avoid time in jail.




You will need to consider the circumstances that led to the crime, and how you can best support yourself or your loved one to avoid those occurring again. Find a positive goal to focus on and work on how better choices can be made in the future.

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Corona Virus Takes A Bite Out Of CrimeThe repercussions of coronavirus on society as a whole have been disastrous, to say the least, however, there might just be a saving grace amongst the chaos. A massive drop in crime has flowered, partly down to the fact that lockdown orders have encouraged a lot of people to spend more time at home. Police officers state that they are receiving far fewer calls than they were at the same time last year, as well as a reduction in physical confrontations too. Even the crime-riddled city streets of New York reported a steady 25% decrease in crime, with just 1 murder case compared to 8 in the previous week. 


Unfortunately, though street related incidents have reduced in number, the stay-at-home rules are likely to have encouraged an increase in domestic and child abuse cases. Longer terms of confinement can lead to aggression, and being trapped inside your home with an abuser can give ample opportunity for distressing events to take place. 


Heading to jail or prison is not an enjoyable experience at any time, but the situation during a global health pandemic can make the environment even less bearable. Being in a small space with several others who have minimal access to hygiene products and PPE can put you at a much greater risk of catching the virus. In such uncertain times, Huggins Bail Bonds is here to help – if you or your loved one finds themselves in hot water, let us assist you in getting out safely, as fast as possible.

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How Bail Is Determined In MiamiBail Algorithms

In most cases, bail is granted by a judge who makes their decision based on a number of factors. One is the likelihood the defendant will appear at court, another is the risk of them reoffending before their trial. To make these decisions a judge will usually review the defendants’ criminal record and take other factors into account such as any review reports by bail investigators, and the defendants’ reputation. A bail algorithm is a way to simplify the process and make it more transparent.

Advantages of Bail Algorithms

Bail algorithms assist judges by providing them with a statistical report based on a variety of factors that would influence their eligibility. The algorithm generates a specific score and presents the judge with a recommendation. The score is based on factors such as their criminal record, their age, and any history of previously failing to appear at a court proceeding. It will also assess the risk of reoffending. This helps the judge make an accurate and calculated decision. Many observers have also welcomed the use of bail algorithms as a way to eliminate bias and improve consistency.

Potential Problems with Bail Algorithms

While bail algorithms may seem like a flawless solution on the face of it, they are not, many criticisms have been made of the system. For one thing, the bail algorithms don’t always take account of a defendants’ past, things like substance abuse, or mental health issues, that could have bearing on the crime. Furthermore, while the bail algorithm is meant to reduce discrimination it has been pointed out that minority groups are disproportionately affected meaning that this is predominantly used by the system.

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People who are unfortunate enough to get arrested need to pay bail to get out of jail. 


Usually, they have two choices. Either they can pay their own way with savings. Or they use a bail bondsman to do it for them.


Typically, people only choose the latter if they cannot afford bail. But there are good reasons to use a bail bondsman, even if you have the money in the bank. 


Reason #1: It Doesn’t Tie Up Your Money


When you or somebody you know bails you out of jail, it ties up money. You can’t invest it or use it for day-to-day expenses, putting a strain on your finances. 


With a bail bondsman, however, you can continue using your money for your regular activities. This way, you avoid unnecessary hardship. 


Reason #2: It May Help You Get A Public Defender


When you pay your own bail, you signal to the court that you have money to defend yourself. But when you use a bail bondsman, you indicate that you do not have the means to hire a private lawyer. The court, therefore, may provide a public defender, which costs you nothing. Private attorneys charge hundreds of dollars an hour.


Reason #3: It Reduces The Risk Of Bail Forfeiture 


Finally, bail forfeiture is highly likely. Defendants may show up in the wrong courtroom or get there late, automatically forfeiting their bail money. Using a bail bondsman, like Huggins in Miami, helps to protect against this threat. It avoids having to hire expensive lawyers to get the bail money back. 

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If you know of someone who has been arrested, you may want to know what their rights are. The bottom line is, that they will not legally be able to have their rights stripped. You do have the right to use a bail bondsman in order to free someone from jail but there are restrictions and limitations that you should be aware of, if you are in this situation. 

Inmates are always given First Amendment rights, which do not affect their status as an inmate. These rights will protect them, as an inmate, against inhumane treatment. This could include physical abuse. They also do have the right to not be subject to any type of discrimination, whether that be regarding race or religion.

They also possess the right not to be harassed whilst serving their time in jail. They have rights to medical care, should they take ill or be injured. They have rights to the appropriate mental health care also, which may or may not relate to the reason they are in jail. If they are assessed and need to be moved to a mental health facility, they have the right to a hearing if necessary.

They may also complain about the circumstances or conditions during their stay. 

There are additional rights also dependent on the inmate’s circumstances and health, such as a disability. They are allowed their wheelchair and access to programs within the prison. Knowing these rights are vital and knowing their allowances could help everyone in the situation. 

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Over 200 inmates are sleeping on the floor of Pinellas County jail thanks to coronavirus. The rules for sick patients are making populations bottleneck at county jails in Florida state. The jail, which already struggled with capacity, has had to adapt to even more as the Florida Department of Corrections has stopped taking inmate transfers.


As such, many arrested remain at county jails, to the point that some, like Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, have requested that officers use their own judgment in cases where arrest might lead to a jail booking. While not recommending that they issue notices to appear in court instead, that seems to be the tactic being promoted.


Of the 220 inmates sleeping on the floor, 67 inmates are awaiting trial or transfer to prison, but have to stay in the county jail. This restriction is thought to last until March 30, while the Florida Department of Corrections works with public health officials to decide the next course of action.


The bottlenecking of inmates at the County Jail raises concerns, given the recent warnings against large gatherings. There are even concerns from civil rights groups that prisons and jails are amongst the most likely places to become hotbeds of infection. Some recommendations include a cite-and-release policy that would release individuals that can’t afford cash bail unless they are a risk to public safety and releasing detainees who are older, are more vulnerable to infection, or six months away from completing their sentence.


There are major concerns that jails and prisons may become vectors that spread Covid-19, the novel coronavirus, to their surrounding communities if action is not taken soon.

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bail bonds, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, davieMiami | Davie | Fort Lauderdale Bail Bonds

If you are arrested, and you are fortunate enough to be able to afford the bail, you should just pay it, right? Well, not necessarily. There are three reasons why a bail bond may be the best option, even if you can pay, they are:

– To free up your funds

– To get a public defender

– Less chance or forfeiture

First, ask yourself if bail is really what you want to spend your hard-earned savings on? Using a bail bond for at least part of your bail payment means that you get to keep your own money for other things that you may need. If you’ve got a court date coming up, you might, for example, want to set some of your cash aside for your spouse or children. 

Secondly, you might want to use a public defender instead of shelling out on an expensive private lawyer. Public defenders are free, but they are often only appointed to clients who cannot afford a private lawyer. If you pay your own bail, the court may decide that you don’t need the help of a free, public defender. 

Finally, if you break your bail conditions, there’s a total forfeiture of the cash paid. And, even with the best of intentions, you may sometimes break the terms through no fault of your own. 

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You might think that you will never be arrested, but don’t be so sure. There are cases where the line between legal and illegal isn’t as clear as it first seems.

That’s why you need to understand what to do if you are arrested and ensure that you don’t make mistakes that could mean things get a lot worse. 

Don’t Resist

You might think that you have been wrongly arrested and perhaps you have. Even if this is the case, it is not in your best interest to resist arrest. This in itself is a crime. So make sure that you fully cooperate because you will be able to invoke your rights at a later stage. Getting arrested often causes people to panic but if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. 

Contact A Bail Bond Service

It’s important that you make sure that you get in touch with a service to provide a bond for your bail. This will ensure that you are in custody for the least amount of time possible. It will also help ensure that you have the financing that you might need in this situation. 

Contact A Lawyer

Do contact a lawyer as well. Ideally, you should select your own legal expert. This will guarantee that you get the best defense possible. Don’t forget, that any calls that you make are going to be recorded unless it is to your lawyer. So be careful what you say over the phone, even to members of your family.

Contact us today for more information 786-970-2525.

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