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Bail Bonds Services

We offer our Bail Bonds services for all of Miami-Dade County and can do bonds in Broward and Palm Beach Counties as well. Our Bail Bonds Services is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our Agents are always on call.

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Our Bail Bonds Services include;

  • Bail Bonds (Normal) :
    • A normal Bail Bond happens as a result of someone getting arrested and sent to jail. Family/Friends will use a Bail Bond Agent to Bond their loved one out of Jail. As with all bonds the amount will vary depending on your situation.
  • Cash Bail Bonds :
    • Cash Bail Bonds are Bonds that need to be paid in cash. Typically the Jail/corrections facility will not accept anything other than cash to release the defendant.
  • Immigration Bail Bonds :
    • Immigration bonds are granted by either an immigration judge, Customs/Immigration Enforcement. The Immigration bond is set to ensure the individual’s appearance at ALL OF THE INDIVIDUAL’S REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS. As soon as the bond is set, that amount must be given to the ICE (Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement) detention facility or field office. We understand the process and will guide you though it.
  • Federal Bail Bonds :
    • Federal bail bonds come from the federal district court. If you or your loved ones have been arrested for a federal criminal charge there are a few things you many need to expect.
      1.) The Judge sets the Bail. A federal judge has the discretion to set bail on a federal criminal charge
      2.) Expect a much higher bond in federal court than in state court as the severity of a federal crime is understood to be higher.
      3.) A Federal Bail Bond might cost about 15% of the premium or more.
      4.) Additional Hearings will be apart of the process. The Federal court judge or a magistrate will hold a hearing or hearings to make sure that the money or property a defendant is using to post bail is not the result of criminal activity. This may result in the need fora “Nebbia Proffer”.
  • State Bail Bonds :
    • Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds can handle your Bail Bonds Services need anywhere in the state of Florida. The bond amount and service fee will depend on many factors like the pending charge and whether the alleged violation is governed by state or federal law. The judge generally relies on specific guidelines for setting Bail. Although the judge does use some level of discretion in setting the Bail.
  • Nebbia Bail Bonds :
    • The person bonding out the defendant is responsible for providing the premium and collateral and must show that the payment is not derived from criminal activity. A Bail Bonds Agent usually prepares the required financial evidence in writing for the defense attorney, who then presents the prosecutor with a “Nebbia Proffer”. The prosecution has to agree that the evidence meets all of the requirements to prove the funds are a legal and legitimate source, otherwise the offer of proof will be analyzed by a judge in a Nebbia Hearing before the defendant is released. Once the Nebbia is APPROVED and an Order is signed by the Judge, the bail bond can be posted! Illegal sources may include profits from fraud, theft, money laundering, or drug sales. Funding Legitimacy can be proven by:
      • Property, vehicle deeds
      • Witness testimony
      • Business, financial records
      • Pay stubs, tax returns
      • Bank account statements

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When you are arrested, you need the help of our bail bonds services. We typically charge a 10% premium of the bond (the amount that must be paid for your release), you will have the freedom required to begin preparing for your legal proceedings. Additionally, a 5% down payment is all that is required to attain our Bail Bonds Services, and the rest can be paid upon your release.

As a courtesy we update you of upcoming court dates to ensure everything with your case goes smoothly.

Discretion is a big part of our Bail Bonds services. Being arrested can be a touchy and private subject similar to your finances. Huggins 24 Hour Bail Bonds understands that and has always handled our clients cases with professional discretion ensuring your privacy.

Once your loved one is in Jail give us a call and we will get the Bail Bonds process started and get them out of jail fast! See our Contact us page for maps to our locations.